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Posted 5 hours ago
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Frank Tomaras
Posted 3288 days ago
Wondeful wedding George and Irina.

Congratulations !!

Frank Tomaras
Harris and Paula
Posted 3918 days ago
Yes, it looks like the most amazing wedding! We are so sorry we couldn’t be there. (I am particularly intrigued by the poor guy who had to put on the veil and dress—you’ll have to tell me all about that tradition!) And your baby news is fantastic!

Congratulations to you and Irina! The photos look amazing and I really enjoyed Ben's narration on the site! Wow, I guess that I will have to get my bike (and me) back into riding shape, once you are in Toronto!
Posted 3978 days ago
Irina, George, and new baby
Congratulations !!!

Hope seeing you soon in either Montreal or Toronto
Posted 4004 days ago
Thanks. Hopefully soon!!!!
Posted 4004 days ago
Hello, Irina.
Great job. When are you going to add photos from Germany?
Our guests share their impressions::

Dear George,

  • What a wonderful experience
  • We had an super amazing time
  • It was great to be with you and your friends and family
  • We made some many friends and we hope to be in contact with them for years to come
  • I can’t wait for the next family gathering
  • Enjoy the rest of your visit in Europe
Thank you so very much,
Judy and Allan

To the all the paradisis's and everyone who made the greek wedding a special event:
Well, Heike and I are both back in america :(:(. But what a nice experience in meeting your family and friends. Needless to say the person you hired to plan this memorable wedding went far above all expectations. Angela could not have done a better job in planning the tours, flights, information, hotels, yada, yada and moving the amount of people around that she did. Our hats off to all involved George, Irina, Angela, Maria and anyone one else whom I did not mention. To see the love between brother and sister was truly an amazing. We all had the opportunity including heike's family to share in the viewing of the greek experience while in Germany. Pictures speak a thousand words. So, we thank you very much for letting us be part of a extraordinary time and for being extremely generous with your wonderful thoughtfulness.
By the way, Angela, not sure where Heike and I will go for dinner tonight in manhattan. Any suggestions? ha ha. Best regards. Cheers. Danke schoen.
Geff & Heike

Hi, Irina and George
I am writing this looking into Lebanon from Israel. It was wonderful to have participated at your wedding. It was a special time and I was so happy to be there. Enjoy your honeymoon and well see you in Montreal.
Bobby (Kleinmann)

Dear Irinuschka, Dear George
Thank you so much for the time I have spent at your wedding! It was a great gift for me!!
You both proved yourself to be the finest examples of the kind of poeple we all hope to be. Strong, wise and loyal to those you care about, and willing to overcome everything to embrace the highest values we have: love and life. And you wished to share that life/love with each other....each love/ life is our own and no one else's. It's precious beyond all counting. It's the greatest value we can have. I hope you will cherish it for what it truely is. Yours,

My dear Angela
How do we say 'thank you, thank you, thank you'? Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your warm hospitality, thank you for your generosity, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for providing us with an unforgettable experience. We had an outstanding experience. We talk about it, and talk about it. We will never forget it. For me, a very important piece of that experience was visiting the villages of your mother and father. Being with you as you spoke to the villagers, sharing a lunch with them. Dancing in the street. It was a unique thing to live. Bringing together a guest list of people from Europe and North America lent a multi-cultural flavor to the celebration.
I want to make a special tribute to Maria. She was a terrific hostess. I so enjoyed the time we spent together.
How is yaya? It was really special to spend so much time with her. She has carved her place in my heart.
The bride and groom were obviously happy. It was a wonderful party celebrating their union and it was a tribute to friendship.
Now we are home and back to reality. We look forward to seeing George and Irina again. Fondly,
Allen A. Surkis

спасибо вам большое за такой классный отпуск!!!! нам супер как понравилось! незабываемые впечатления о настоящей греции. все было классно.
Lena and Andrey