Saturday May 3, 2008
Wedding Day!! The morning was relaxing. Breakfast was a buffet, but no honey balls yet (Sunday was the only day we got honey balls). George and Allan did some swimming. We got dressed up and headed down about 1:30. The ceremony was in the front courtyard of the hotel and the tables were all set up around the pool.
It was a beautiful ceremony, and delicious buffet. I was in line ahead of Angela, and casually joked about breaking plates. She immediately grabbed the plate out of my hand and smashed it on the ground. The hotel staff was not smiling, but that was the only plate incident of the day.
Of course there was Greek dancing and enjoyment all afternoon. We tried to get the band to play Havanah Gilah, unsuccessfully, but did raise the chairs to the tune of a fast Greek dance. As well, there was the Belarus challenge of retrieving his kidnapped bride by paying money (which he did not) or performing tasks; such as acting as a waiter (Allan helped him out) and cycling in a small circle.
George and Irina were glowing under the clear blue Greek sky. What a gorgeous day! Yaya continued to ask “Contente?” and say “I love You” the entire week. Sue had bought me a T-shirt in Athens with certain Greek translations (it was a big hit) so we kept saying sagapo (I love you in Greek) to Yaya!
I shared a cigar with Sue and Stan in George’s honor; and promised to have another one in a year or two? George took a minute to understand. As the evening was closing Judy kicked once too many times and strained her leg. We had to put her down – I mean into bed.
That evening we once again took a walk into town – Love Café again for our favorite chocolate!!
Ben Reiter